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All Electrical Equipment Testing (PAT)

Inspection, testing and recording the safety and condition of electrical equipment
Inspection and testing of electrical equipment is important to everyone at home and in business premises.  Its purpose is to make sure that electrical equipment is safe to use, whether that’s a kettle, hand-held power tool or extension cable.
If you are a landlord or responsible for work premises or any commercial property where a lot of electrical equipment is used, you must conduct electrical equipment testing as part of your Health and Safety responsibilities. 
Complying with the latest rules and regulations will ensure the safety and security of employees.
Providing reports and certification to companies, authorities and individuals

The completion of inspection and testing may be a requirement before work can continue in business premises.  This also is necessary before a domestic rental property can be let to a tenant(s).  

Enforcement by the local authorities and agencies will be applied! 


Price on application
The cost of undertaking PAT testing is dependent on the size of the property or premises, the number of items to be tested and the time it will take to complete the work.
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