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Film and TV

Extensive experience in the Film and TV industries with expertise in: 


Electrical Installation, Design and Distribution Management

Regulation BS7909 applies to Film and TV production sites as it is also considered a temporary electrical installation.  The purpose of the regulation is not only for the protection of actors and crew, but also the public, animals and buildings.

Film and TV Lighting Technician, Electrician, Spark 

Knowledge of lighting equipment and distribution systems is essential to be able to react quickly and safely to requests and demands of the project's manager, director and lighting 'gaffer'.


Single/Three Phase, Mains, Generators - Synced Units

Generators are the main source of electrical supply on Film and TV sets.  he distribution systems can be varied from individual generators and the demand on supplies need to be assessed together with the available load on the supply.  For critical supplies as in live TV or film locations, it is necessary to 'sync' more that one generator together.  This can only be achieved with correctly selected equipment and skilled and knowledgeable technicians. 

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